Sunday 24 March 2013

hakuna matata...

"what did i do to deserve this?" - this question crosses our mind at various points in our life. more often than not, it is when we are in pain. no one really thinks "what did i do to deserve this?" when something good happens to them. then it is just meant to happen. but when we put in a lot of hope and effort into something and it does not pay off, we immediately think, "why me?", when some random bad thing happens to you, "why me?" life is not fair, it never was and it never will be.

when you put your pain and suffering against some things that happen in the world today, the way some people live, the way some people are treated, or just what some people go through, you will realize just how wonderful your life really is. people always see upwards and think "if i had what this person has, i would be happy". very few look below and think "i have so much more than this person, what more do i need?" those few are truly happy. maybe their life is not perfect, but they understand what they have is truly precious.

if we see a rainbow in the sky, we do not stop to think "what did i do to deserve this?" well, most of us do not even seem have the time to stop and look at such miracles we get to witness for free! just think for a minute, the process which brings a rainbow before you; what you are doing at that moment would seem really trivial then. and when that rainbow fades away, we do not walk away disappointed, we are just happy for something so beautiful.

even God is not spared pain. then why should you be an exception? when this seed of acceptance sprouts in you, then you will know that you would not get any problem that you cannot handle. then you will think that you can beat this. do not let pain change you. i spotted something wonderful written outside a place of worship today - "i will not fail thee". it is an assurance and a responsibility.

your heart is probably the only organ in your body which starts working even before you are born and stops only when you are dead. it does not take any breaks. do not weigh it down further with hatred! there is enough love to go around, just open your eyes. after all, our paths only cross for a brief moment in eternity, yet that moment is an eternity in itself...

feel blessed, feel thankful...


  1. :) I guess, this is all for being humans.

    1. :) and by being humans, we have the opportunity to do good unto others...