Sunday, 1 July 2012

you know what?

it has been a crazy day
no one gets what you have to say
everything you stood for is gone
and yet, you have to fight on

you feel that this is all the battering you can take
only so many smiles you can fake
when no happiness can be found
and there is no hope being passed around

the problems outnumber the solutions
living is just going through the motions
your friends just do not bother
and you cannot tell one day from another

you feel that there is nothing more you can do
there is no one you can talk to
remember me, your burden i shall bear
and softly into your ears say, "i care"

i know the wars i can fight are few
but i have always been standing there beside you
so when you are going over the edge, give me a call
and i will be there to break your fall

there may be too many expectations to meet
all you want to do is rest your feet
go ahead, get some sleep
and hold my hand, take this leap

you know what?
tomorrow will be wonderful...